Ashwood School District #8

District Clerk Opening

District Clerk Duties and Qualifications

Deputy Clerk


The clerk of the district is the financial agent and agent-of-record for the Board in all transactions other than those requiring the signature of the Board chairperson or of a licensed teacher.


The clerk:


          1.       Is employed by the Board and is responsible to it;


          2.       Serves as the budget officer of the district;


          3.       Prepares all bills for Board scrutiny and authorization of payment;


          4.       Pays all authorized bills;


          5.       Issues and signs contracts of employment which have been approved by the Board;


          6.       Is the payroll clerk.


          7.       Ability to be bonded





                   1.       Qualifications:

                             a.       High school diploma;

                             b.       Two years’ experience in clerical work;

                             c.       Knowledge of bookkeeping and payroll;

                             d.       Bond covering district’s funds.


                   2.       Reports to Board.


                   3.       Performance Responsibilities:

                             a.       Attends meetings of state agencies as required to further knowledge in the operations of the district;

                             b.       Writes correspondence, reports, notices and recommendations;

                             c.       Maintains file system;

                             d.       Maintains employment records and reports;

                             e.       Writes payroll checks, makes payroll deposits, writes required payroll reports;

                             f.       Acts as liaison between Board, other school districts, Oregon Department of Education and any other state or federal agencies.


                             g.       Prepares budget documents for Board review and approval.


                             h.       Assists in notifying the Board of policy updates and requirements.


                   4.       Terms of Employment: Twelve months


                   5.       Evaluation: Job performance will be evaluated annually in accordance with Board policy on evaluation.


Legal Reference(s):


ORS 332.107

Legal Reference(s):


ORS 294.305 - 294.565

ORS 328.460

ORS 328.542 - 328.565

ORS 332.107

ORS 332.505





Questions? Email Mary Lewis at clerk@ashwood.k12.or.us

 School District reserves the right to extend the closing date of, or otherwise revise this Position/Vacancy Posting, at any time. Ashwood School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Reasonable accommodations for the application and interview process, as well as for performing essential job functions, will be provided upon request and as required in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008.